We are so pleased to propose potential product exclusives with Net-A-Porter for the introduction of KENT and our inaugural COLLECTION NO.01, launching Spring 2017. As a key retail partner for KENT, we look forward to sharing our philosophy, storytelling and communications with you and your in team in ways that will build both our businesses.

Below is further information about KENT, how we started, where we are going, and key marketing and partnerships underway.

On behalf of the KENT team, I so look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.


Stacy Anderson





*All products available in all colorways - raw white, raw white/black silk mesh, pitch black, geo print (artist commission)

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With each product, KENT funds projects that are creating game-changing opportunities for women and girls in emerging markets. Piece-by-piece, we invite our customers to choose where they would like to direct our investment in one of three critical areas – health, education, and safety/security. Our partners are leading social enterprises and non-profits addressing these areas by providing smart, systemic solutions.

ayzh is a social venture providing health and livelihood solutions to impoverished women worldwide. They develop low-cost, appropriate technology designed to meet the unique needs of women in resource-poor settings.

IMPACT For each product where a customer chooses ‘safety/security’, KENT will provide a contribution to ayzh to directly fund one safe, clean birthing kit.


ZanaAfrica Foundation is a US based nonprofit organization that supports adolescent girls in Kenya to stay in school by delivering reproductive health education and sanitary pads. 

IMPACT For each product where a customer chooses ‘health’, KENT will provide a contribution to ZanaAfrica Foundation that provides 1/2 a school year supply of pads, reusable underwear and feminine health education to girls in Kenya.

Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest education innovation company serving the 700 million families who live on less than $2 USD per day. It strives to provide the highest quality education across emerging markets in Africa and (soon to open) in Asia.

IMPACT For each product where a customer chooses ‘education’, KENT will provide a contribution to Bridge to directly fund a girl’s education.




KENT provides a Product Knowledge Guide to inform and equip your team with the key information and insights they need to share with customers about each and every product, and also how to bring our brand story to life.

Aside is a snapshot of from the Guide and how we dissect each product. Below is a sample of additional details included in the Guide on the materiality and sustainability ethos of KENT.


Why organic silk? 

Silk is the strongest of natural fibers, containing natural protein & 18 essential amino acids. It also contains natural cellular albumen which speeds up the metabolism of skin cells, thus delaying the aging process. As a breathable fabric and natural temperature regulator, silk helps the body retain heat in cold and excess heat is expelled in warmer weather. It is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin.




CONCEPT/ Challenge traditional conventions and perceptions of femininity to propose new relationships females have with themselves and their bodies. 

EROIN PARTNERSHIP/ 3 shorts by 3 female filmmakers in 3 cities: LA, Paris, London/Rio/Montreal

TIMING/ Summer/Fall 2016, Winter 2016, Launch (January) 2017

FILMS EXPOSURE/ Festivals in LA, NY, Paris (Cannes) and Toronto (TIFF); In-store installations, CFDA Panel Event, Media partnerships

PANEL EVENTS (NY-LA-LONDON)/ Conversations amongst women creating game-changing impact in business, tech, music, art, fashion...



 Suki Waterhouse in Stacy Anderson's Organic Graffiti Lingerie Collection for MA Thesis at London College of Fashion

Suki Waterhouse in Stacy Anderson's Organic Graffiti Lingerie Collection for MA Thesis at London College of Fashion

WHAT IF.....?

What if lingerie was less about sex and submission, and more about self-love and substance?

What if the sense of being a woman was a source of strength?

What if those pieces closest to our body not only felt natural, but were natural?

What if under-apparel valued style AND function over superfluous details, synthetic accents and uncomfortable silhouettes?

Out of this search for meaning and more in an hyper sexualized category, the beginnings of KENT were formed - first through a capsule collection of organic graffiti lingerie that KENT Founder, Stacy Anderson, presented for her MA Thesis at London College of Fashion. 

Today, KENT presents a minimal, streamlined approach to under-apparel that aims to reinvigorate the intimate apparel space by elevating femininity as a celebration of individual form, style and image.

The KENT woman is represented by our 4 key beliefs:


Welcome, KENT woman.








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