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Calling all radically natural, self-identifying women in LA to come shoot a campaign with us

For our first-ever, online exclusive new collection of 100% Organic Pima Cotton underwear - The Annual Brief - we're looking for a diverse group of women. We're shooting inclusive, radically natural women, capturing photo and video content - in collaboration with female lifestyle photographer, Lauren Smith - to be featured online and in social. 


A group of self-identifying, radically natural women to shoot an organic cotton campaign with us.

*Photo + Video Content

*Weekend of May 11 & 12

*Ages 25 - 55 Preferred


If you'd like to be featured in the next campaign, share a story and tag us @kentwoman with hashtag #annualbrief

OR send us a DM on instagram directly.

Get in touch by Tuesday April 23.

We'll reach out to everyone personally.


100% Organic

Each pair is made from 100% certified organic pima cotton. That’s 100% free of pesticides, toxins and petrochemicals. Organic Pima's weaving process gives this lightweight fabric a silky soft feel, while also providing natural hypoallergenic, antibacterial and moisture wicking properties. 

3 Styles

We’ve spent 3 year perfecting 3 styles of underwear - a high-waist, bikini and thong - to complement, rather than compete with, the natural female form. So whether you have an a-shape, round, square, upside down heart or v-shape bum, we’ve got you covered. 

Annual Recycle Club

We take the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to replace your everyday underwear.  Each year, we’ll help you cleanse your mixed-matched underwear drawer into a tidy collection of briefs that spark joy, all while closing the loop on waste. No more waiting for elastics to break, holes to form, or stains to appear. Based on studies that show renewing your everyday briefs once a year helps keep you healthy - that's right! Wearing 100% organic cotton undies and renewing those everyday pairs more often can help prevent yeast and bacterial infections.

We also provide you with a Recycling Kit to return your pairs our recycling partner to refined to the fiber and transformed (ex. building insulation).